Export Selected Features from Multiple Layers to Report, Excel, or Text Field

Discussion created by kpzimmer on Jun 2, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2011 by amarsden

I have a map document with numerous layers. I am looking for a tool or script (preferablly python or potentially VBA) that allows me to select certain features in a polygon layer and then uses this layer to select all features from the other layers in the TOC that intersect this polygon layer. Once features are selected I would like to export the attibute information selected from each layer in the TOC to a report, excel workbook, or txt file. So basically I'm looking to create an summary of all selected features that exist in a certain location as defined by the spatial extent of the polygon layer.

Ideally it would be a report that would show the layer name followed by the attribute information of the selected features; although a excel sheet or text file would suffice.

An example report for layers titled county, vegetation community, watershed, and wildlife management area and their  respective selections within each may look something like this:

County of Highlands

Vegetation Community:
Deciduos Forest
Conifer Forest

Bow River

Wildlife Mangement Area:

Thank in advance.