Optional Tools in Model Builder

11-01-2011 09:41 AM
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I am building a tool in model builder that will be used for several different projects.  The question I have (and problem I have been running into) is I want to build several steps into the model that don't necessarily have to run every time.  For example, on one project I may have 5 input shapefiles, but on another I may only have 3.  The functionality of the tool is essentially the same but I want to pass in a different number of inputs.  When I do this, all the tools that are build into the model require an input and the tool will not run, even if I make the input optional in the model properties.  The input is optional but the model still tries to run the process and without an input, it fails. 

Is there a way to make portions of my model conditional making all tools linked to the input not run if an input is not supplied? 

Thanks for the help.  Hope this is clear.
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put your files in a folder an use iteration from within modelbuilder.
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