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Distributed Collaboration Missing in Portal

Question asked by david.maggio@alaska.gov_DCCED on Oct 14, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2020 by HCurtis-esristaff


I have a distributed collaboration between my organization's AGOL and Portal. This collaboration is hosted in AGOL with a workspace that was created with an common group to send content as copies from Portal to the AGOL. The scheduled syncs in this collaboration had been functioning properly.  But suddenly the collaboration disappeared in the portal collaborations list. In the portal admin logs, there is a message stating that the collaboration was deleted by the host. 

"The host for collaboration 'XXXXXXXXXXXX' has deleted the collaboration (400). As a result, your organization's collaboration will also be deleted."

However, the AGOL hosting the collaboration still lists the Portal account as a Guest Organization as active, but with a failed Sync Status. We have confirmed that no manual deletion of this collaboration was performed.


Interestingly, the collaboration behaves like it still exists for feature services and map services that were shared prior to the disappearance of the collaboration in portal (with changes to the services in portal updating in AGOL), but not for newly published services (which are not appearing in the AGOL when shared with the group in Portal). 


I am unable to create a new workspace with the same group, nor can I re-send the invitation to the guest organization because the status is active. I also cannot invite a new guests with the same URL. and would prefer not to delete the existing collaboration and remake it from scratch while re-sharing all of the services. 


Can anyone provide guidance on what is the best path forward for repairing this collaboration?