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Large Integrated Mesh SLPK file (~95GB) published in Enterprise Portal but Not visible

06-26-2021 03:52 AM
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Hi All,

I have uploaded and published a Large Integrated Mesh SLPK file (~95GB) on our enterprise portal.

Its been 24hours now since i started and still the content is not visible in webscene.

The caching progress is also not shown for the hosted layer nor does it gives any error when i try

to open the hosted scene layer in Scene Viewer.

If i add the Hosted Scene Layer in ArcPro i can see the content but i need to use this in web scene in our application.

NOTE: I am able to view the native SLPK contents in ArcGIS Earth.

There is no problem with the file format or version as earlier i have uploaded and published many Mesh models with largest file size upto 20GB.

Any suggestions regarding this is welcome...




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What version of Enterprise\Portal are you using? I have had hosted scene layers that also work fine in Pro and AGOL but just won't display in the Portal scene viewer - but I think that is because we are on an older Enterprise version.

Did you create this SLPK yourself using the Pro packaging tools or was it supplied by a third party? If creating it yourself what version of Pro did you use?

A few other things to check:

  • Are there any warnings or errors in the enterprise logfiles when publishing, or when viewing in the scene viewer?
  • Have you tried Chrome\Edge\Safari to see if any of them work?
  • Any errors in the browser console or network monitoring?

Given that Pro can read the hosted scene layer ok, I suspect the problem is with the scene viewer itself. You could confirm this by loading the model into AGOL and trying it there (yes, this would be problematic because it is so large). Another thing to try would be to create your own simple web scene using the Javascript API and see if it will load your hosted scene layer ok. You could see if different API versions have issues or not, which may help to narrow things down a bit.

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Hi Tim,

Our enterprise version is 10.8

This SLPK was created by our production team.

3DML to SLPK from Terra Explorer (Skyline Photomesh)

There are No errors or Warnings as such, in portal Scene Viewer it also takes me to the correct extent. But just that the Mesh content is not visible.


I yesterday added the Web Scene Id in our Web Application and It showed the Mesh Model. 

I just don't understand why its not showing in Portal Scene Viewer. 


I have tried on Chrome and Firefox both produces same results.

I have tried validating the SLPK using the I3S_convertor and it gave me few errors regarding texture element. I have attached the snapshot of the same...

Now i am trying to upgrade the SLPK using the I3S convertor to v1.8.

Lets see if this works, will update when its done.



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