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Workforce Assignments not showing in Dispatch app

Question asked by jjohnson_washoe on Oct 12, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2020 by jjohnson_washoe

I have a Classic Workforce app that we used in the Primary Election this year with no problems.  

I've made no changes, but now my Assignments icons are not showing up in Workforce Dispatch app.

The Assignments show up in the left-hand LIST of Assignments, but not on the map.  In the screen shot below, the polling location shows as a green box (meaning it is a Ballot Drop Off and is OPEN), but the Assignment is not showing.


The odd thing is, if I go to CONFIGURE and DISPATCHER MAP, the Assignment icons DO show up inside the Dispatcher map itself.  Just not when the map is shown within the Workforce app.


The Assignment icons DO show up on the Worker map in the Mobile App.


Jeff Shaner