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Filter WMSLayer using CQL_FILTER and customLayerParameters

Question asked by robitaillej on Oct 2, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2020 by robitaillej


I am trying to get the CQL_FILTER working in order to filter WMSLayer filtered. I am using the customLayerParameters to do that:

            const layer_oiseaux = new WMSLayer({
                url: "",
                sublayers: [
                        name: "eccc_atlas:AireEtude_Publ_janv2019",
                        popupEnabled: true,
                        queryable: true,
                visible: true,
                customLayerParameters: [{
                    CQL_FILTER: "shape_leng>1000"

Hoever, nothing is happening, the parameter CQL_FILTER doesn't seem to work. Is this normal? 

Is there another way to filter WMS layers? 

Thank you!