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Possible Bug: Experience Builder Map Extent Triggers Override List Filter Triggers

Question asked by ezhatcher on Sep 30, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2020 by dmartinez-esristaff

I am working with Experience Builder to allow our users to either query the framework using filter triggers set by a list widget, or simply use the map extent to query the framework. The expected behavior is that both methods of filtering would work together, so if someone both selected an area from the list, then zoomed in further, they would first see a filtered map and framework, and their zooming action would further refine the results on the page. Right now, the first list triggers will only work if I do not set the map triggers to filter the framework by extent. It appears I can't have both. The extent trigger is essentially overriding the list widget filter triggers. 


Here is a snapshot of what's happening. In the picture, you should only see locations in Ketchikan. But instead, the second list view includes sites from the full extent and including locations from Prince of Wales, even though they are filtered out and not visible in the map:

Image of the draft platform and explanations of expected behaviors.


Here is snapshot of the list and map widget triggers:

List widget triggers set to filter the framework to locations and boat launches (two point layers) by area.

Map widget triggers, set to select from the framework when the map record selection changes, and filter framework based on extent.


Anyone have thoughts on this? Am I missing a way to ensure that the list triggers are still honored if set?