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Survey123 widget - problem with linefeeds in connected data?

08-03-2021 02:50 AM
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I'm trying to give our ecologists the possibility to edit information on areas of great ecological importance in our municipality. The information on each area can be quite detailed with long descriptive texts. To make these text readable it is necessary to use line-feeds.

I thought the best way was to combine a map and a survey to allow for better text editing capabilities than in a small popup.

When building my experience i got an unexpected problem. When I had connected the map with the survey and added connections between the map attributes and survey fields, I realized that the line-feeds made the Survey widget ignore the rest of the text.


In the screenshot below, I've added a Card widget over the map (right side) to show the attribute info as it was meant to be drawn, with line-feeds. As you can see, the text in the surveys Description field end at the first line break after the text "Test 1".

Is there any more configuration needed for this to work or is it possibly a bug?



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