dev edition app connected to 2 SAML Portal

08-03-2021 07:59 AM
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i have an Exp builder Dev App that needs to connect to Mapservices from 2 Servers federated with 2 different portals.

Both portals use SAML logins.

My WebMap is on Portal2 and references Datas from AGS1 (federated with Portal1) and AGS2 (federated with Portal2)

When i start my webapp, i get a first dialog to connect to Portal2


then an SAML login page asking for a permission


then a window asking to connect to portal1



At this point the experience is not really user-friendly, but it seems to work ... the problem is that a 4th (!!!!) form is showing up at the same time and asking for a user and a password on portal1, bypassing SAML Option (although internal login is disabled on Portal1).


4th form.png

If i dismiss this form , the ArcGIS Server 1 Layer is not in my app ... if I create an internal login and us it, it works...

in fact the third form was the rigtht one, but it doesnt have any effect. the 4th came simultaneously, ad it seems that the app uses the wrong one... 

we tried this en 2 different platefoms (one from a custommer, with ADFS as SAML provider, and one as a sandbox on AWS, with okta) both have the same buggy behavior

The integrated ArcGIS Enterprise Builder works well, only apps from the dev edition have this pb.

So is it possible to connect to 2 ferderated AGE on from the same exp builder dev app?


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