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Spatial Data Frame: Accessing local GIS data

Question asked by bdavis_grimmway on Sep 29, 2020
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Introduction to the Spatial DataFrame | ArcGIS for Developers 


This article mentions that a Spatial DataFrame can be created from a local feature class using the ArcGIS API for python:


"If the ArcPy module is installed, meaning you have installed ArcGIS Pro and have installed the ArcGIS API for Python in that same environment, the SpatialDataFrame has methods to read a subset of the ArcGIS Desktop supported geographic formats, most notably:
feature classes
ArcGIS Server Web Services and ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Layers
OGC Services "


The article goes through an example where they construct a SDF using a local path to a shape file, but I'd like to build a spatial dataframe from a feature layer coming from a map in a ArcGIS pro project. Does anyone know how one could do this? 


I've looked into the documentation for the API. The arcgis.features module has the SpatialDataFrame object and a constructor method called "from_layer", but I am not sure how to pass a FeatureLayer object to it.  Is there a way to construct a FeatureLayer object from a local feature layer?


I was able to host the feature layer on AGOL and then create the spatial data frame from there, but I'd like to bypass having to host it.