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Make Feature Layer / Select / Select Layer By Attribute "Get Unique Values" grayed out in ModelBuilder [10.8.1]

Question asked by on Sep 9, 2020

I'm trying to extract road segments from a feature class through ModelBuilder in ArcMap 10.8.1 based on attribute queries, but the "Get Unique Values" button does not pull up a list of values when I click on it. Of the three tools that I have tried for this (Make Feature Layer, Select, Select Layer By Attribute) they all produce the same non-result.


I've attached a couple of screenshots to this question that shows the tools I've used leading up to the selection step, and what happens when I try to "Get Unique Values" from these various tools. I know that sometimes ModelBuilder is fussy about which selection tool is used based on whether the data is a feature class or feature layer. Please, can someone tell me what is happening and how to make it work? I just can't figure it out.


Many thanks!