Model Iterator for Date Ranges?

Discussion created by jeffpickles on Apr 7, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2011 by jeffpickles
Is there a way to programmatically go through a range of dates, select features that were present on each date, and create a shapefile with each date's features?

I have a single shapefile with a [START_DATE] and an [END_DATE] field, both formatted as Date fields.

I'm looking for a way to go through a series of dates (say, January 1 through today) and create a series of daily snapshots that will show which features were present on those dates. The kicker is that I need this to be done in a geoprocessing environment because I'd then like to turn around and create Directional Distribution polygons for each date (otherwise I could just turn on the Time Slider and be satisfied with the original SHP).

I'm trying to do this in Modelbuilder, but the available Iterators don't seem to include date range functionality.