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Oracle user schema database depreciated - understanding the alternative

Question asked by _robert_ on Aug 25, 2020
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Hi there,


I just learnt that creating user schema database in Oracle is no longer supported (>10.7).

I'm trying to understand how the new approach works - the description is from the documentation:


Multiple geodatabases in Oracle—Geodatabases in Oracle | Documentation 


To store multiple geodatabases when using an Oracle database management system, do one of the following:

  • Install separate instances of Oracle and, in each instance, create a geodatabase. If you use Oracle Database 11g, this is the method to use.
  • If you're using the multitenant architecture available starting with Oracle Database 12c, you can also use pluggable databases and create a geodatabase in each pluggable database.

In both cases, each geodatabase is maintained and upgraded independently. Each database can also be deleted independently. In each database, the geodatabase system tables are stored in the sde user's schema and user data is stored in the schemas of individual users.

Do I understand correctly that you still have an SDE schema and one user data schema? Its just that now you can only have one user-data schema anymore?

So lets assume I have up to now 5 user data schemas. Can I put all tables of the 5 user data schemas into one user-data schema oder do I have to create 5 pluggable database - one database for each user-data schema?