Does ArcServer know which time zone i am in?

Discussion created by KG22 on Apr 6, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2011 by dhollema
I create a feature in my application, Oracle adds a date time stamp like DateTime.Now() via C#.
I look at the date created inside of oracle and it looks fine.
I then query my data with the rest api and i get back an epoch value (incidentally, where is that documented by esri?). I convert that epoch value and I get a UTC value.
Or, I use the rest service test page and I get back the same UTC value.

So here is that catch. I create my feature at 10am Eastern Time. Oracle says it was created at 10:00:01 AM. But when esri returns it to me it says it is 2011/04/06 10:00:01 UTC.

Anyone see something wrong with that? Esri just assumed I was working in Greenwich England!
Why is the time returned in UTC? Why would they make that assumption?
Is there somewhere that I can tell the api what time zone i am in?

I am using api 2.1 with ags 10 sp1

Am i missing something? It could be something very simple, but i am confused