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Web AppBuilder (developer edition) 2.16 - which way to go in developing custom widget to display DWG file?

Question asked by levmichael on Jul 29, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2020 by levmichael

I need to develop a custom widget for Web AppBuilder (developer edition) 2.16

in order to display a DWG file (2d or 3d) in 3D scene.

The DWG will always be in ITM coordinates (Israel TM grid, that is EPSG:2039) even if not specified.

The DWG contains Lines, Polygons and Points. Most of the time the other layers except lines will be empty.


What choice is more preferred/applicable -

1. Convert to 3 shape files (for lines, polygons and points) and display them?

2. Convert to KML and display it (is there a way to display 2d/3d KML?)?

3. Display the DWG directly (is a way to do it?) ?



I assume the only applicable way is 1, but I want to know more in order to be sure -

- Is conversion from DWG needed at all?

- Converting to KML is easy, but maybe KML 2D/3D could not be added to 3D scene?

- Or maybe there are more suitable ways to go by?


Help will be greatly appreciated.