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Group.remove_users()  notRemoved

Question asked by CSMike_PDX on Jul 27, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2020 by nmarecos-esristaff

Is there any way to get a better understanding about why group.remove_users() would fail to remove member(s) of a group?  The accounts in question are simply members of the group (not owner or group managers). The group in question actually contains no content and I'm using the owner of the group to connect to portal with the python API.  If I login to portal with the same group owner account, I can interactively remove the user from the group.


INFO | 2020-07-27 07:57:38,431 | Begin synchronizing users for group: PBOT (1120)
INFO | 2020-07-27 07:57:38,438 | Querying existing membership...
INFO | 2020-07-27 07:57:38,938 | Group currently has 233 member(s)
INFO | 2020-07-27 07:57:38,970 |  2 user(s) will be removed from group
{'notRemoved': ['member1', 'member2']}
INFO | 2020-07-27 07:57:39,218 | No users will be added to group