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Can I enter a "distance tolerance" when routing in Network Analyst/Navigator

Question asked by andrew.smith@nationalmap2 on Jul 19, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2020 by andrew.smith@nationalmap2

In Network Analyst, and in ESRI Navigator, I want to be able to specify a maximum distance that route will navigate to. So that if a route wont get me to within, say, 20 metres of my destination, using a particular travel mode, it will report this.


Currently it is stopping 1.5km short, stopping on the motorway, because the current travel mode (red/black) wont allow it to get any closer.

I need it to report an error here back to the user, not just end the route where it is.


I would have expected to be able to enter a "tolerance" value here somewhere that limited the "walking" distance at the end of the route to say 20 metres.


Apologies, in advance if this is a no-brainer question, I am very new to the world of ArcGIS