Why three distinct URL options?

Discussion created by JoTorres@cityofberkeley.info_berkeley on Jul 6, 2020
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I need clarification on the differences between the three URL options in the Overview tab for my AGOL feature class. (See image bellow).


I am sharing this feature with an outside entity that has AGOL and group access. The outside organization requires, that the Feature Service must have turned on “Editing” , as well as “Enable Sync”.



On the “Overview” tab for the Signal_Intersection Feature Layer, there are three URL options, which lead to different pages and title headers - Can someone explain why they are so different and how that matters when sharing?


  • Option 1 - Layer: Signal_Intersection (ID:1)
  • Option 2 - Signal_Intersection (FeatureServer)
  • Option 3 – Home Token Required



Option 1. (Service URL):


Option 2.  (View):



Option 3. (Copy):


AGOL- Overview Page



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