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"Find My Location" function in ArcGIS Dashboards?

Question asked by liamharrington_missin_OSR on Apr 15, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2020 by fcbassongis

Hi all, 


I have a map which contains regional content in a global map.  When a user opens the dashboard they see a global overview and then navigate to their region.  A user has asked whether the content can automatically focus on their area from the start by knowing where their device (computer/laptop etc.) is.  


My first thought was to have a look at the "find my location" feature and see if that would help.  I couldn't see that feature in ArcGIS Dashboard even though it is the standard Map. Am I missing something?


My next question is that I am guessing even if I have missed it, it won't automatically centre on launch.  The user will have to click on the button to make the map zoom/pan and even if it did, it would zoom too far in.  Anyone any ideas how this first step can be achieved from the get go?