Operations dashboard prompting for login for public

12-16-2019 10:55 AM
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A newly created Operations Dashboard that consumes a hosted feature service (both of which are shared to the Public) prompts for an ArcGIS Online user name and password. I've made sure the ArcGIS Online site is set for Anonymous Access and I've tried stripping out the organizational name in the URL. Neither of these actions fix the issue. Here's the URL: Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS 

Any insight as to what's going on is appreciated!


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Hi Brian,

Is the Web Map in the Dashboard shared publically as well? 

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Hey Brian,

If this dashboard is actually shared publicly, I would reach out to support. I tried access your dashboard using the generic url

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS 

And I am getting rejected when I am logged into my own ArcGIS Online account. This tells me that something is not shared at the Dashboard Level

I tried searching for the item id in ArcGIS Online and it did not appear.

My conclusion is that Dashboard id:419dfcfe8129410e91153c48efe99f32 is not actually shared and that is why you are seeing a sign in prompt!

Hope that helps!


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hai John Solly , i have set public our covid19 dashboard. but it still prompot login .. can you help me ?

you can check my dashboard link in Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS 

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It looks like you resolved things as I can access your dashboard without logging in! Let me know if you are still having issues with log in.

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