How do you envision using Arcade in dashboards?

04-03-2019 01:32 PM
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The Operations Dashboard team has heard your requests to better support Arcade expressions in dashboards, and we want to know more. If this speaks to you, please complete this survey to tell us some details of how you'd like to use it in your dashboards. Your input is valued and will be considered. Thank you for your time. 

Survey will expire Friday, April 12, 2019.

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I missed this survey but for me I use Arcade in my web map to summarize related records.

In my latest use I am using it for QA.  Like out crew must do lines 1, 2, 3.

var msg = ""
var sql = "PlotKey = '" + $feature.PlotKey + "'";
var tbl = Filter(FeatureSetByName($map,"GAP"), sql);

var txt = ''
for (var f in OrderBy(tbl,"LineKey")) {
    txt = txt + Right(f.LineKey,1) + '-'
txt = Left(txt,Count(txt)-1)
if (txt != '1-2-3') {
    msg = "\nLine Number Issue! Found: " + txt

var sql = "PlotKey = '" + $feature.PlotKey + "'";
var tbl = Filter(FeatureSetByName($map,"Plot Char"), sql);

var tblCnt = count(tbl)
if (tblCnt < 1) {
    msg = msg + "\n----No Plot Char form found!"
else if (tblCnt > 1) {
    msg = msg + "\n----More than 1 Plot Char form found!"

if (msg == '') {
    return '<font face="verdana" color="green">Everything Looks good!</font>'
else {
    return msg
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I missed the survey as well but plan on using it to summarize/group data.  Currently, I have several fields that I plan on using in a bulleted list but I want the list to be generated based on if values are present in the specific fields (i.e. not null).  This can be accomplished with an arcade expression at the webmap level for a pop-up but I want that expression to be available in the list or details widgets of a dashboard.

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Another use case: I want to show the status of Warming/Cooling centers dynamically in the Details widget (only show centers open today) and in Pie Charts (show current open/closed status of centers). I currently use Arcade to change the symbology by comparing the current time and hours of operation stored in the features. Wish I could access these Arcade expressions in Operations Dashboard.

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Also missed the survey.  At this time, looking to simply calculate a percent between two columns on the fly.  Versus having to recalculate an entire column every time a value is updated in any row in the database, or having to manually calculate a percent.  The percent would be displayed in the list in operations dashboard as it is in the attribute expression in the AGOL map. 

I envision using auto-calculated Arcade based fields to automatically categorize data based on a number of other column values.  Can use it to automatically generate fields with different Units of Measure from the shape.area. 

Sure I'll think of many more use cases as well.

Thanks for looking into this.

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by Anonymous User
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Here is a example of an expression I need to do BEFORE summarizing the result in Charts and Indicators:

Sum( Contract_Cost_per_Acre / Contract_Acres)   across a Project, Region, or District.

Here's another example:

StdDev(  Volume_MBF_Acre /  Trees_Per_Acre )

The same kind of calculation issues apply to Source Fields that are _Avg

Taking the Sum of  Avg_BASAL_Area_AC  across multiple Contract Acres is problematic.

We need to be able to do real Math Calculations in order to correctly analyse and use our many years of collected Timber data.   In order to better manage our public Natural Resources.

Thank you -- for providing some Excel-like calculation capabilities, hopefully soon.

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UPDATE: New Arcade support in dashboards has been introduced in the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta (recently renamed from Operations Dashboard). Please check out this blog article or the documentation to learn more.