Add Tabs to Operations Dashboard

04-14-2020 01:18 PM
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Can "pages/tabs" be added to operations dashboard? By this I referring to the ability to add new pages or tabs to the main overall ops dash layout. I want to have separate tabs on the same dashboard rather than separate dashboard. For example I want one tab for my map and a few indicator types. On another tab I want graphs and different indicators.

How do I accomplish this? Derek Law


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If you drag an item over an existing item, you'll have the option to stack the items. This will give you tabbed items.

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That's close. Based on your screenshots if I were to hit the serial chart tab the map would still stick around.

My goal is to have a map on one tab with a few indicator object types, the 2nd tab will have charts and more indicators. I want the tabs to act more like "pages". 

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You'd just stack the items on the map instead.

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Hi Joe,

Ken's reply is correct. Here's the help topic for more info,

Dashboard layout—ArcGIS Dashboards | Documentation 

(see stack elements)

Hope this helps,