ExtractMultiValuesToPoints Returning Point Feature Class Identical To The Input With No Added Fields or Values

Discussion created by bz89 on Apr 14, 2020
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I have a point feature class, stored in memory, i have 5 rasters, stored in memory. I can extract the values of each individual raster with the point feature class using the ExtractValuesToPoints function with no problems. However, when i try and run ExtractMultiValuesToPoints, it runs VERY quickly (like 10 seconds) and returns a feature class that contains no new fields and no new values extracted from the raster, no errors are raised, nothing. I have tried defining the field name for each raster and passing that in the list with the rasters. I have tried not passing a field name. I have tried passing the raster result objects. I have tried passing the "in_memory" text path of the rasters. Same result no matter what i try. Has anyone else experienced this, i can find nothing on this or any other forum.