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IIS Configuration with Web Adaptor

Question asked by lp_azr on Feb 21, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by dewright_ca

Hello Community,


I do have a problem setting up ArGIS Portal using the ArcGIS Enterpise 10.7.1 image on Microsoft Azure.


After setting up the VM I start the installation of ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Portal which both work fine. After the installation of the Portal I get prompted to configure the Web Adaptor. I searched everywhere but could not find any application or setup file to install or configure the Web Adaptor. A colleague of mine did the the same setup half a year ago and he said he did not have to install anything, the configuration wizard started automatically.


Since we had a installation file of the Web Adaptor I tried to install it manually, both for the Server and the Portal which worked fine. BUT the manual installation seems to mess up the IIS configuration and I cannot access the portal under the external domain. When using https://domain/portal or https://domain/server it works. But when using only https://domain I end up on the IIS start page.


The IIS configuration on the working portal of my colleague looks completely different (virtual folders vs. applications in the IIS, different rewrite rules, no installed Web Adaptor installation, but a registered Web Adaptor for Server and Portal).


So my question is: Did the Azure Marketplace image change in the last couple of months? Am I doing something wrong?


Any help is appreciated!