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Tag based Query is not working

Question asked by shivaprakash.yaragalesri-in-esridist Employee on Jan 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2020 by GHudgins-esristaff



We have built Geo hub. 


While working on "Category" section we are facing problems related to tag based search.


Problem : In "category setting" section when we are using tag based search. The tag that we have defined are not getting populated. We have tags like "Waste", "solid" etc but these are not coming in drop down. Previously these tags used to get populated in the drop down, however now they are not getting populated. These tags "Waste" etc has been added to respective dataset and these dataset have been shared with the required group.


So if any one is facing similar problem, please let us know if they is work around. I am attaching screen shot of the same. hubtaghub page