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Empty rows are created for all related tables

Question asked by kerrygis on Jan 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2020 by kerrygis

Hello all, 


One of my survey seems showing unexpected behavior. 


In the survey, users will choose project type and then relevant questions will be shown and saved under a related table. So if I choose Project B in my first survey and work on some questions, I expect to see  '(0)' other than Project B column as no related tables are created for Project A, C, D and E. However, as shown the image below, all of them are filled with (1). If I click (1) show under ProjectB, there are questions and answers I typed in. But if I open the rest, they are all empty record.


I tried multiple entries, and no matter I choose, there are empty row created in every related table. 


This is schema preview. User will choose only 1 project in each survey.


Project (select project)