Customizing and Maintaining Survey123 in AppStudio

01-19-2021 12:19 PM
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   I am looking into the possibility of customizing Survey123 in AppStudio.  I like the fact that you can have a single code base and output to multiple platforms as we develop apps for many different users in different organizations.

    There a couple of things i am apprehensive about and i was hoping someone could offer me insight.

1) If you customize Survey123, how is maintaining the code? Does one need to review newest releases and adjust. I see that there is a new release every 6-8 weeks. This could take a lot of adjustment time.

2) How does a developer share the custom version of AppStudio to a user outside their organization? Using WebAppBuilder, one can simply share the web app with a group but keep the app in the developers organization. Is this possible with a custom version of Survey123?

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1) Yes, this needs to be taken into consideration when customizing Survey123, maintenance. We recommend that you have some kind of record of the customization that you did in a code repository system. I also know some customers who simply stay in the same version if they don't need the features from the new versions.


2) While developing, you can use AppStudio Player, . I also some people who use AppStudio Player in a production environment, since AppStudio Player is used more and more as app distribution tool. But most people would eventually publish their app to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 


I hope I answer your questions. 


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Thank you Erwin, i would like to wade in the waters of customizing Survey123. Is there a good starting off point? 

I am looking to find where the form events are such as

1) an attribute change occurs - such as when a value changes in the form -> Do this.

2) or a record is submitted. -> Do this.

Basic things like that. 

I am sure these would be JavaScript files but not sure where they are located in the Survey123 template. This would be really helpful to know.

Can you let me know or point me to an example where these events are highlighted?