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Adding .asc raster files to a map

Question asked by cheesypoofs_ on Dec 24, 2019
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I'm using .asc raster files for the first time and after trying a bunch of things, I have no clue how to get that into my map. 


I have a shapefile of Oahu called "Coastline" (polygon file of Oahu with GCS WGS83) and want to add a bathymetry layer (.asc file, UTM Projection Zone 4N, Ellipsoid WGS84) to the map.  I don't seem to be adding the .asc file correctly. 


After adding the Coastline file, I run Arc Toolbox > ASCII to Raster on the .asc file to add bathymetry.  Both the coastline and the bathymetry images disappear.  When I click "Full Extent", I can locate the ASCII to Raster image (it's really tiny), zoom to it but the Coastline layer is gone.  It's nowhere to be found in my data frame.  I tried projecting the Coastline layer to UTM before converting ascii to raster on the .asc file but that didn't work either.


Both layers are attached as zip files along with my ArcMap 10.3.1 screenshots.  The has a .jpg which shows the UTM projection information.


Can someone share the steps I should follow to use .asc files correctly with my Coastline layer? 



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