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You need to be signed in to use spatial analysis. Error Message.  Please Help.

Question asked by xazip_online on Nov 27, 2019

I am a college student who is studying the ArcGis platform independently.  I recently started the ArcGis Pro free trial and have been playing around with the features.  I have been practicing with the Python API and have been following this notebook sample:

Analysing the factors of growth and spatial distribution of Airbnb properties across New York City | ArcGIS for Develope… 


I have run into an error I do not understand.  Here is a screenshot:


It says I need to be signed in to use spatial analysis?  I have authorized my account to use the spatial analysis extension but that does not seem to do anything.  I have followed the code in the example notebook up to this point.  The only thing I had to do differently was to create my own map layers and upload them.  I am signed into my GIS account using the GIS() function as well.    Does anyone know what is going on?