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Editing causing constant crashes to desktop and GPU spikes

Question asked by Heather.Ketten@austintexas.gov_austin on Nov 20, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2019 by KKramer-esristaff

I am making basic edits to a polygon feature class (manually moving vertices and using Reshape Geometry to have it align to polygons on another layer). None of the polygon layers are particularly complex - only about 30 polygons per layer and the vertices aren't super dense.


However, no matter what, I have to save edits after every single tiny edit, because Pro will crash to desktop on the next edit. I am having to do tiny bits of reshaping at a time because it can't handle doing more than a few city blocks (10-30 vertices) before it crashes to desktop.


And when I say "crashes to desktop", I mean I'm actively working, and suddenly Pro is gone, like flicking a light switch. No warnings, no errors, nothing.


Rarely, it doesn't crash to desktop, but I have to force quit it instead. Either a black box appears over the whole editing area, and it acts like it's frozen. Or it acts like it's stuck processing/loading, with a spinning wheel on the cursor and all the editing options grayed out.


I was curious what could be happening so I Googled around a bit and found suggestions to update video card drivers. My organization locks down our ability to install anything without IT's approval so I'm checking on this. The driver was last updated in March 2018 so this may be a big part of it.


In the meantime I checked my GPU and found that it is spiking suddenly just as it crashes (Screenshot attached). 


The only other thing running on my computer is my email, and I've simplified my Pro project as much as possible so that nothing else is loading. 


Any other ideas?