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Can Geoprocessing be done using SQL Server?

Question asked by MarkHotz on Nov 12, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2019 by MarkHotz

I remember years ago (before spatial databases were readily available) that one could not perform any geoprocessing on spatial data stored in a database that was using ArcSDE.  All spatial operations had to be performed only using the GIS (in our case ArcGIS Pro).  However, with newer versions of Oracle Spatial and SQL Server Spatial has this since changed?  Can one perform geoprocessing functions within SQL Server now, or does one still need to use ArcGIS?


What is one restricted to do solely in SQL Server, and what should be the sole domain of ArcGIS?  I know we can go into SQL Server and update tabular data that is in a geodatabase, but what happens if one deletes a GDB record in SQL Server?  Does the point/line/polygon also delete?  Or is one's data now corrupted like it was in the old days?


SQL Server Spatial can store spatial data better than it could in the past (actually I don't think it could store spatial data in the past), but where does data storage end and data manipulation begin with spatial data being stored in SQL Server?  I'm just trying to set up ground-rules for our spatial data stored in SQL Server to hopefully prevent the wrong people from making regrettable edits in spatial avoid all of the usual headaches that will undoubtedly occur.