Negative buffer - skipped features

Discussion created by jamesduffyioz on Mar 16, 2011
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I am using ArcMap 9.3.1 with ArcInfo license. I am trying to make a negative buffer for a large set of contiguous but non-overlapping polygons. However, out of the 108,087 polygons it skipped 429 of them and left this error message for each of the features it skipped:

WARNING 000636: Skipping feature [FID] because a negative or very small distance resulted in no geometry.

I know for sure that the polygons are big enough and will not disappear from this negative buffer; they are all a very similar size.
I got the FIDs into a column in excel and extracted just these features into another shp and tried the negative buffer again and it only worked on the first one and skipped the rest.

I am currently splitting the polygon shp and will batch buffer on each one individually and hopefully it will work. However, does anyone know why this is happening and if there's a better solution?