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Operations Dashboard indicator and gauge not updating when associated feature changes.

Question asked by KDChrist on Oct 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2019 by Justin.Reynolds

Good day Esri community!


I have a hurricane awareness dashboard with indicators that do not automatically update when feature counts change. Here is the scenario: I have a hosted feature layer depicting emergency shelters on my web map with a 5 minute refresh interval enabled. In my operations dashboard, I have two widgets linked to that layer, an indicator displaying the number of shelters open and a gauge showing how close we are to reaching total reflected as a percentage. (Oh and the feature layer has a domain for the shelter status that allow the feature to change colors depending on shelter status)



So. While viewing the dashboard, I ran a test and updated the data in the hosted feature layer, opening a shelter and upping its capacity to its max capacity. A couple minutes later, the data in the map portion of the dashboard updated (shown above, one shelter is red(closed) and the other is now green(open). So that worked as intended. However, the indicator and the gauge remained static. They should read a percentage of total capacity of around 4.5% and a count of open shelters of 1. 


So while the map portion of the dashboard updates, the indicator and gauge do not.....UNLESS I refresh the dashboard. THEN they update.




Is there something I am missing when setting up these widgets? Is there another fix? Did I find another bug...(hopefully not)

This dashboard is designed to be put up on a hiperwall and then essentially left alone. I need it to update without interaction.


PS This is the case for all of my indicators, gauges, lists, etc across all dashboards in my organization.