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Append Data Error

Question asked by en8996a on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2019 by en8996a

We just started using survey123 to collect wildlife count data. Previously we recorded all our data manually in excel. Now we want to merge (or append) our historical data to the feature layer of the new data so that we can represent them together in a dashboard. The data we want to use comes into a related table from survey123 so we are appending data to that related table. I noticed early on that there was a limit to how much data you could append at once so I broke our data (8 years worth) into smaller individual csv files for appending. It's been working fine like this and I have been able to append more than 6 years of data, but now it is not working any more. The remaining files are in the exact same format and similar size to the others I have already appended, but when I try to append it just says "error. could not append data to layer". Why is this happening? Is there a limit to how much data you can append to a single layer? So far I have appended 7 files (csv) with a total of 8,611 features so the layer has a total of 9,839 features.