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Attribute Editor Docking and Placement Saving

Question asked by on Sep 11, 2019
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  In old ArcMap, I could easily open any map, and have my Attribute Editor show up at the very bottom, extending to the entire screen showing only a certain number of rows.  It was obviously saved in the normal.mxt and that was fine.  Anytime I wanted to close it and reopen it, it would come back in that same format.


  With ArcPro now not having a normal.mxt, each time I set up the position (having to use the weird and hidden "float" option) the way I want, when I close it, it defaults back as large and docked taking up most my screen and I have to reset the position and such every time which is highly annoying.


  Is there anyway to customize where and how the Attribute Editor looks and is positioned (and left undocked at all times) at all?


  In addition it would also be very nice to have the option to get rid of that large extra white space on top...