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Access to objectid generated by Survey123

Question asked by deleted-user-sNUdtFrn2yEY on Aug 23, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2019 by dougbrowning

Hello -


I'm hoping you can assist me with trying to access the objectid info that is generated when a survey in Survey123 is submitted. I can see the objectid in the Feature Layer Field list, but I'm not able to see it when it comes into the Survey123 Report or in the Data view in Operations Dashboard. I'm working with a colleague who uses this "unique id" as a way to track his projects. I see in the MS FLOW Webhooks you can access the Feature objectid, that's the only place that I can see it is available. We don't want to edit the objectid, we just want to use that as the main identifier when a survey has been submitted.


My issue is a Project nr. or Work order nr. may be used multiple times and is not unique enough for this scenario, that is why he is using the "unique id" that is automatically generated from the Intergraph survey app.


If accessing the objectid is not the right way to go, is there another way that I can generate a "unique id" that is automatically generated, accessible and visible that would do the trick when a Survey is submitted in Survey123?  


Thanks in advance and any tips or best practices you could suggest for my question would be greatly appreciated.


Best regards,

Colleen M. Schelde

Orsted/Radius Elnet