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Blurry map JavaScript Api

Question asked by jjeske on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by jjeske

We have trouble displaying the Map with a scaled display.

1440p at 100% display scale

Display 1440p at 100% scale

1440p at 125% display scale

Display 1440p at 125% scale


To reproduce set the display scale on one display to 125% and on a second to 100%, compare the result (for example: the second display the map is blurry.


If the scale of the browser is changed to 75% on the scaled monitor the map looks good. I think the scaling of the map canvas fail.


Tested with Api >=4.6 and >=3.06


I have tried to scale the canvas by the “window.devicePixelRatio”, but it gets overwritten immediately.


Any suggestions?