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Why are my hosted feature layers failing to copy in my distributed collaboration?

Question asked by KDChrist on Jul 18, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2020 by HCurtis-esristaff

This is my current distributed collaboration setup:

AGOL - Host, uses standard logins

Enterprise Portal 10.6.1 - Guest, uses IWA

  • Did not set up web-tier authentication
  • created groups during the collaboration process
  • The guest Portal is set up to only receive data from the AGOL host.
  • The workspace is set up to copy data.


So I have a survey created in Survey123 that feeds a hosted feature layer in AGOL. I ensured that sync was enabled on that hosted feature layer. I shared said hosted feature layer with the workspace group. The first sync takes place and the hosted feature layer is copied over to the guest Portal like a dream. I can fully access and interact with the layer. The layer is still set to allow sync.


Everything is wonderful, then I run a test.


On the guest Portal side, I add the copied layer to a web map and enable the refresh interval. I then go back to my host AGOL environment and fill out another survey to add a record. The hosted feature layer on the AGOL side is immediately updated without issue. I then go back into the guest Portal side, and schedule the sync for the workspaces to occur within the next two mins or so. I am simply testing to see if the feature layer updates properly at sync...


It does not.


I get the following screen message:


Clicking it reveals...



And to top it all off I get a notification on my AGOL site that "The hosted feature layer could not be sent as a copy, so it was sent as a reference instead."


Now, my nice original hosted feature layer copy seems to have lost some of its functionality and has not updated.


It is my understanding from everything I could find and read that when performing a collaboration between AGOL and Enterprise 10.6.1 that hosted feature layers can be copied.



Can anybody tell me why this could be occurring?