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Collaboration of PDF, DOC, IMG between Portal and AGOL Returning Error

09-14-2022 07:54 AM
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Can anybody direct me please ..

I have a 10.8.1 Portal and and Organizational AGOL , I've setup as distributed collaboration and all is working fine for Feature Layers, map layers, webmap  and apps etc..  However If I load a .pdf (or .doc or img via my portal using add item from my computer and choose file ) and share with the groups (2 for testing) that are enabled for referenced and copy to my AGOL instance the content populates and there are no errors on the portal logs. The PDF can be viewed / downloaded perfectly from Portal however the collaborated item on AGOL opens the details page fine but if I choose Open I get the following error

<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>
From googling this error implies that the item does not exist the the bucket .. but the collaboration messages in the logs indicate that the sync was successful.  I'm assuming that Files get copied to the CDN on sync ? as the error returned above comes from the download being redirected to If I update the item on AGOL with the .pdf from my disk it updates and is accessible ...  but what is happening at the sync phase that's causing it to fail?  and how can I diagnose it ?  any ideas are hugely appreciated.
My Portal item is here 
The Collaborated AGOL item  is here
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