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Failure to be able to copy and paste values

Question asked by slvgis on Jul 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2019 by SHarris-esristaff

I have to assume this is a ArcGIS Pro bug as it happens to me periodically. I am using Pro v 2.4. When editing parcel layer, I typically copy the parcel identification number (PIN) from the source table into the parcel layer, and then join the rest of the attributes to the layer using the PIN as a unique identifier. Things typically go well until the parcel layer refuses to accept the copied PIN. When this happens, even typing the PIN doesn't work. It seems to make no difference if I am copying from an excel or access file, nor does it make any difference if I have imported the source data into the Pro project. I don't expect that there is an answer or fix, just want to bring it to ESRI's attention.# bug