Extract Multi Values to Points doesn't extract from mult rasters

07-19-2019 03:33 PM
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I am using an NetCDF file with temperature forecasts for CONUS. I added each raster as a separate file for each valid time of the forecast. I have a point file in my GDB and am trying to extract temps for each forecast period for each point. I'm using the Extract Multi Values To Points (herein EMVTP). 

Here's where something seems off:

1) When setting up the EMVTP: I add the input rasters and the default field names appear. I change the output field names from the default entries. After I ran the tool, the output field name changed. Why? The names were unique and valid.  F19_06  F19_12  F19_18 was changed to F19_067, F19_12_13_14 and F19_18_19_20   

When I go into History, the new wrong field names appear. 

2) When I examine the output, entries are the same in the different fields.

For one point in VA, the forecasted temp should be 

06Z   84

12Z   77

18Z   94

but the values are 84 in each field. 

It seems like something is amiss. Can anyone shed some light on the matter?


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