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CSV import with select_one questions

Question asked by simon_lange on Jul 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by IAldridge_CRT

Two years ago this question was asked in the forum, now I am facing the same problems. Has there been anything updated in the last versions of Survey123 to deal with such problems?


" I've a CSV file with a list of ID numbers. What I'd like to do is to read the column ID from the CSV and load all the values in a "select_one" combo on my form in Survey123.

I know how to read the CSV file using "pulldata" function and "calculate" field in my XLSForm to retrieve values according to a key, but in this case there is no key: I just want to load a list of data reading an external file, instead of copying all the data in my "choice" sheet of the XLSForm."


Thank you all for any suggestions!