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AGO User Type confusion

Question asked by evtguy on Jul 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2019 by kclark_Angler

I want to look into the workflow of using Collector to collect field data. When I look at my AGO profile in my AGO organizational account, it lists that my role is "user" and my user type is "creator". I tried to follow along with this blog post about making a Collector map and the first step is to Create a Feature Layer. When I attempt this, Feature Layer and Tile Layer are not present as options under the Create Content button.


According to this blog post under the Capturing new crop data header, it states:


Creator – Supporting the work of the Agronomist, members with a minimum Creator user type can create new feature layers, maps, forms, and groups within the organization that can be shared with the Field Worker so that they can complete their field work.


So what's happening here? Can organizational admins override user type defaults?