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Grid format doesn't open from RAID 5 array

Question asked by landry_USF on Jul 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by landry_USF

I am trying to find the cause of a really strange problem. At this point, the problem is academic because I already have a solution/work-around.

I have a 28GB DEM Mosaic in GRID format that will not open when it is stored on my local RAID 5 array. ArcGIS Pro 2.3 gives an error of "cannot load data - unsupported format."

  • All associated GRID files are contained within a top-level folder (so no files are missing).
  • I can literally copy the folder from the RAID to another local or external non-RAID drive and open it without a problem. Same DEM that didn't open from the RAID but now opens from anywhere else.
  • The workstation has many cores and 128GB RAM, so it is not a performance problem.
  • I can open 50GB IMG files from that same RAID drive.
  • I receive the same error trying to open the DEM on another computer after mapping that RAID drive.
  • The same DEM works fine stored on an external RAID 1 array.
  • My solution was to store the DEM in a file geodatabase - which works fine on the RAID.


Any thoughts as to why the same fairly large GRID format raster can be opened on all other drives but not on a RAID 5 array?