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Collector for ArcGIS- Cannot access pop-up for layer with schema change

Question asked by kulasdn on Jul 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2020 by kulasdn

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue... I added a string field with a Y/N domain to an editable feature service for use in Collector, through the ArcGIS Online interface. The feature service consists of 3 layers, and I added the field and domain identically to each.  I can use the layers to collect data, but I can't tap on a feature to bring up its pop-up details in Collector for ArcGIS, for any webmap that containing the layers. I can ID on all the other layers in the webmap and get their pop-ups.. I made sure to reconfigure and enable pop-ups in each webmap containing the layers with the added field, and even created a new webmap to no avail. 


I could definitely tap on these layers and access the pop-up before the schema change. It seems that somehow adding the field made the pop-up inaccessible in Collector for ArcGIS... the thing that is driving me crazy is that it works just fine in Collector Classic! I can tap on a feature and its pop-up details comes right up in the app. This is good because there's a workaround and it leads me to believe I'm not doing anything wrong, but I can't figure out what to do to remedy this in the new Collector.  Anyone know what could be going on here?