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Hyperlink in arcade expression loop

Question asked by BNOGSI on Jun 28, 2019
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I created a popup expression in enterprise portal which uses arcade to find records from a related table (1-many) and display a name and contact information for each person found.  The next request I received was to have the phone and email set with hyperlinks (this will be a mobile app).

If I create an expression for each part of the record (separate expression for name, email and phone), I can create the hyperlinks in the popup configuration, but I am afraid that the information may not be in the correct order so that the phone/email is shown for the correct person.

Here is what I have currently: (an image of the popup is attached as well)

// Get ABM information from related table

// Read out the Cluster Code of Cluster from the Cluster feature map

var CCode = $feature.ClusterCode;

// Access the Cluster ABM table

var ABMtbl = FeatureSetByName($datastore,"ABMbyCluster");

// Create a sql expression to query FK_Code on CCode

var sql = "FK_Code = '" + CCode + "'";

// Filter the table using the sql expression

var related_data = Filter(ABMtbl, sql);

// Count the resulting records

var cnt = Count(related_data);

// initiate a variable to hold the result

var result = "";

if (cnt > 0)

result = cnt + " Aux Board Members";

for (var row in related_data)

// retrieve the ABM information to write to popup
result += TextFormatting.NewLine + TextFormatting.NewLine + row.Name + " (" + row.ABMType + ")" + TextFormatting.NewLine + " mailto:" + row.Email + TextFormatting.NewLine + " tel:" + row.Phone;




{ result = "No assigned ABMs"


return result;