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Sharing public layer from portal

06-28-2019 07:47 AM
by Anonymous User
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I am having some issues with trying to get a public layer to show up from our portal

  1. I have published an image service to our server:
  2. Then I went in to our portal and tried to share it publicly:
  3. I collaborated this portal data with our ArcGIS Online Organization:
  4. I did this to try and share it on our open data site:

I can't get it to show on our open data site despite it showing up in

I can access the layer if I try when I am not logged in, even in incognito mode however several other people cannot.

Should I just be adding the server/rest/services link directly into our AGOL org through add item from web? I like the idea of a collaboration as I don't need to duplicate the item. 


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