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Unable to log in to ArcGIS Pro: A core license could not be found

Question asked by karanjamwalimu on Jun 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2020 by pnord

After a year of being able to freely log in to ArcGIS Pro, I am suddenly unable to log in. At first, I started getting the following error:


The number of licenses assigned to users exceeds the number of licences available in your organization


However, the organization I was logged in to definitely had available licenses and my account was assigned one and I had not taken it offline. The funny thing is, when I log out of that user profile on my laptop then I log into another user profile - I am actually able to log into ArcGIS pro with no problem. However, I absolutely need to be able to log into ArcGIS Pro on my user profile. Based on some advice from my IT department, I uninstalled ArcGIS Pro and deleted all references to Pro from AppData and the registry as advised here.(on assumption that a corrupt user profile was the problem).


This led to a different error:


Invalid URL


and then after a few more tries I got the error in the attachment. I am still able to log in to Pro when I use someone else's Window Profile. However, whenever I try using my profile (with the same AGOL credentials), I get this error:


A core license could not be found. Select another licensing option or contact your administrator to update your licenses.


Might anyone have any insight on how I can sort this out?