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Problem in using PostGreSQL with ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by sarthak_online on May 30, 2019
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I have a PostGreSQL 9.6.11 database with PostGIS 2.3 setup on Google Cloud. I am able to add geometry layers into this database using shp2postgis tool and also with QGIS 3 Import Layer option. I am also able to view these layers in QGIS 3.

I am having the following problem when trying to load this data in ArcGIS Pro 2.3.3

I am able to connect to this database (right click on databases in catalog -> select new database connection -> Choose PostGreSQL and enter credentials). This connection is successful and also shows the layers added via above said options. However, no layer loads into ArcGIS (right click on layers in db connection -> select add to current map). It shows error - Exception from HRESULT


Loading a query layer also fails with this error

What am I missing here?

Is there a specification to column names for a PostGIS db that can be loaded into ArcGIS Pro?