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SDE (SQL Server) Connection Latency

Question asked by on May 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2019 by Christian_Wells-esristaff

Looking for input and/or testing ideas. We have enterprise geodatabases (SQL Server 2016) running on VMs in our data center. They vary in complexity from simple default with only a few feature classes/assets to heavily versioned with numerous feature classes/assets.


When I open the properties window for an SDE connection file on my desktop there is a noticeable lag. The time is acceptable for the simpler databases but for the complex ones it takes many minutes (5, 10, or more) and sometimes I just give up. When I open the same properties window on a VM also running in the data center for the same SDE connection using the same credentials the response is very fast. Even the complex databases open in 30-40 seconds. Same version of desktop. Same license level. Everything should be apples to apples.


One of the only factors I can attribute a difference to is network bandwidth. So how do I test this issue? Is there some tool (wireshark, fiddler, etc...) so I can see what's going on under the hood? Could network gear be throttling the communication to our remote offices? We're on high-speed connections.


Final mention...this issue can be replicated with multiple machines and users in various office locations.